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Watch Stuck in Love Online Free

Watch Stuck in Love Online Free

Watch Stuck in Love Online Free: My expectations about “Stuck in love” were high before entering the cinema where I saw it thanks to the trailer, the cast and the fact that I love the stories starred by writers because I aspire to be one. The director Josh Boone is new in the industry, but I am sure he did a very good job with the adequate pace and length for the movie. It is quite short and highly entertaining. Moreover, he took advantage of the most known actors in the cast making them act very well.

Download Stuck in Love Online Free: He directed in a simple way, which was the best alternative. The photography is simple, but the proper one and the soundtrack is beautiful and full of charming songs that make watching this movie an incredible experience. The cast is composed by Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Lilly Collins, Nat Wolff and Patrick Schawenegger mainly. They are all very correct. I see much potential in the three youngest actor, was surprised by Arnold’s son and did not expect less from Kinnear and Connelly, who are already good veterans in movies. Maybe, some more secondary actors could have done it better, but it does not matter at all. Each one has a defined role which they portray very well and in a believable way. The plot is another strong point to me because I like this genre and this type of stories. Furthermore, it is quite original taking into account it is about a divorced father who is a well-known actor and his son and daughter, who aspire to work as writers. His ex-wife married another man who is totally different from the writer.

Their two children are finishing the school period and live some experiences that are nice and interesting. Although there are funny moments, I do not call this movie a comedy at all. It is just a family realistic drama with some romance and humour. In conclusion, the cast, music, direction in terms of length and pace and the story are the best elements in the movie ·Stuck in love”. Maybe, some performances could have been a little bit better, but this is one of the best dramas of the year and of the best movies in general in 2013 so far. We cannot say it has too many topics. Also, it has some interesting twists that can make somebody cry. I specially like Jennifer Connelly as a pretty dramatic actress. Greg Kinnear perfectly fits his role and Logan Lerman is one the best of the range of ages. Nat Wolff was able to portray a starring role in a solid way. The ending is quite enjoyable, too.


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